A Glass Of Tangibility

Blast the speciality of that speckled trout’s stride
Lust encrusted singularity of droves turned too wry
Crown of waves do elevate above that solid gush
And the marble ‘tween its corridors arrives at due dusk
Lanky castles speak their structure in calculated terms
Cabinets of lepers that spring to full form
Do not dwell on simple politics
They’re busy eating cheese
And the sanguine, seasoned general
Blinks and pours me
A glass of tangibility
Sparkling and free

Lavender carpeting

Every inch stretched forward with an ember of passion and with a stone carved arrowhead of persistence allowing its influence to lunge forward. To soar close to the ground so as to creep up the slacks of its jolly guests, swinging from one cherished social engagement to the next. Mailbox situated right outside. A venue for escape for the doubtful ones that scraped by the carpeting that held so much labor in the veins of its integral materials. They can hover right out the door, suspended by their heads, to that lush cavern of substance. The mailbox. Outside. Snow falling on it. Around it. They can hover right out and to it. Tightening of feet in polished shoes. A flurry has arisen from the heat of friction on the lavender carpet. Expanded and expelled from the tangled threshold that held their egos firmly in the shape their shoes have molded. All hands have been extended and shaken. Completion’s been achieved, tangibilized, sealed, and filed away in a cabinet. A luxurious cabinet, nested upon a marble of doubt placed there to say “things waver dears, even things which have been expertly sealed.”